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Lemmer, a small town with a big history

Over the centuries, Lemmer has always had a very rich maritime history. In the Middle-ages, it formed a strategic access port from the provinces of Holland and Utrecht to the Northern Dutch provinces. Lemmer was often the scene of gruesome battles. Later, in the 17th and 18th centuries, it was the home port of the Dutch merchant fleet that sailed the Baltic Sea. And even later still, the marina at Lemmer became home to a thriving fishing fleet. This rich history can be seen all around the area, in the old historical buildings that give Lemmer is unique character. Nowadays, Lemmer is a warm home port for water lovers and there is always something going on. Wander through the old streets, still containing some of the original stores or stop off for a drink at one of the cosy terraces along the quayside. Here, people usually stop to just enjoy watching the boats sail by. The waterway through Lemmer forms a busy connection between the Frisian Lakes and the Ijsselmeer, and when the weather is good, there is a beautiful beach in Lemmer from which you can enjoy an amazing view of all the water sports activities going on all around the IJsselmeer.