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Everything under one roof

The Yachtservice & Refit department at Jachthaven Friese Hoek handles all kinds of repairs, new builds, renovations and maintenance on and in your vessel.

With over 30 years’ experience and extensive handling facilities, Jachthaven Friese Hoek is unique on the IJsselmeer. You can rest assured, with us, your vessel is always in good hands.



A refit is a comprehensive undertaking. Jachthaven Friese Hoek has all of the necessary experience, specialist know-how and planning abilities in-house. Providing a high standard of quality has always been our primary concern. Our highly trained staff receive regular training courses in order to keep their knowledge and skills up-to-date. During the refit-process, we respond to your needs and we maintain regular contact with you in regards to the progress of the work on your vessel. We also offer you a single point of contact to ensure everything runs smoothly with a partner you can trust.

Jachthaven Friese Hoek works closely with the Yachtservice & Refit departments in our other SkipsMaritiem locations. This makes us a strong and reliable partner. Your vessel is in good hands with us.

Handling facilities:

  • 30-ton crane;
  • crane dock with a length of 15 metres and a width of 6.2 metres for vessels up to 20 metres;
  • 1-ton mast crane;
  • 2000 m2 winter storage in an insulated hall;
  • winter storage on shore;
  • separate and secure mast storage.

Technical disciplines

  • electrical engineering, electronic installations;
  • engine repairs/reconditioning;
  • prop shafts, steering, bow and stern thrusters;
  • interior carpentry, teak decks, ship lapping, etc.;
  • (stainless) steel processing;
  • installation and/or repair of waste water tank systems;
  • painting and varnishing;
  • cleaning/polishing of boats;
  • anti-fouling application;
  • sail making.

Our technical disciplines

[feature_box image_id=”422″ icon=”adjust” title=”Engines & propulsion” link=”https://www.yachtservicerefit.nl/en/engines-propulsion/”]

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[/feature_box][feature_box image_id=”431″ icon=”adjust” title=”Sails & rigging” link=”https://www.yachtservicerefit.nl/en/sails-rigging/”]

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[feature_box image_id=”425″ icon=”adjust” title=”Electrical, Electronic and installation technology” link=”https://www.yachtservicerefit.nl/en/electrical-technological-installation/”]

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[feature_box image_id=”428″ icon=”adjust” title=”Deck, hull & maintenance” link=”https://www.yachtservicerefit.nl/en/deck-hull-maintenance/”]

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Visit our Yachtservice & Refit site 


Contact information

Should you have any questions or would you like to receive a detailed quote for your particular needs, then simply contact one of our specialists.

You can reach us by phone on +31 (0)88 – 05 04 133 – Monday to Friday from 7.30am – 4pm (Break times: 9.30am – 10am/12.30pm – 1pm)

or via e-mail:

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+31(0)88 05 04 133 (Yachtservice)

+31(0)88 05 04 130 (algemeen)

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Vuurtorenweg 19

8531 HJ Lemmer

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