Winter storage at Jachthaven Friese Hoek

At Jachthaven Friese Hoek, you can lay-up on land or in a boathouse. On our terrain, we have two boathouses that can hold 35 boats up to 14 tonnes (maximum headroom: 4.80 metres) and 7 boats up to 5 tonnes (maximum headroom: 3.80 metres). On land, the car park at the marina is at your disposal. This area is directly overlooked by our company buildings.

In total, SkipsMaritiem has over 40,000 square metres of winter storage on land and approximately 15,000 square metres of covered, insulated storage. There is also a special mast storage area and a boathouse with a headroom of 8 metres for larger boats. SkipsMaritiem has a fitting solution for all shapes and sizes of boats. With cranes of various calibres (30 ton, 50 and 64 ton) and transport options up to 70 tonnes, we are well equipped for all your heavy lifting. And thanks to our specialist crane construction, it is always possible to crane with standing masts.

Yachtservice & Refit during winter storage

There is a lot more to winter storage at Jachthaven Friese Hoek than just putting a vessel on shore and placing it back in the water again come springtime. In the winter, we return your vessel to a perfect state before the new water sport season begins. The focus on quality is therefore of paramount importance to us.

During transport, we take no risks. To avoid taking any possible risks, we use very solid lifting jacks and other such equipment. For large boats, we use special jacks and a hydraulic boat wagon with a capacity of 70 tonnes. This wagon equalizes the pressure distribution over the entire hull, thus ensuring a very safe and efficient move.

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It is important that your lifejackets, lifeboats/rafts and fire extinguishers are regularly inspected. This should be done on average every 3 years. At Jachthaven Friese Hoek, we are more than happy to arrange this for you. We only work with certified testing stations, meaning you are guaranteed to get the correct inspection for all of your safety items.

You can drop off your items to be tested with us at the end of the sailing season. We then ensure that they are inspected in the spring, so they are ready and available for use at the start of the new season.

In short: does your raft, lifejacket or extinguisher need to be inspected? Bring it to us and we will take care of the rest.

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Winter storage Rates

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